Since August 2013 you can find a loop trail that touches all the most beautiful sights; its path is marked by a series of boards that make up the “M’IMPARI?, walking you learn life”.

Twenty boards attend the journey of a loop trail, which twist into the valley, through the woods, next to the children’s playground, around the hill.

Eight boards to tell the place, its history, the jobs that feed it, the spaces that make it up.

Twelve boards to “learn life”, to reflect on a theme that will change every six months and will be chosen based on the solicitude that the days propose us.

These boards, through multimedia content, help to reflect on a theme that changes every year. “Courage,” “Mother” and “Bread” were the themes of the first three years. “Borders” is the current theme.

The word “Borders” is evocative of many suggestions and themes that “M’IMPARI?” will try to suggest, further, raise.

Over a full year, from summer to summer, the theme feeds activities, initiatives, publications, meetings with “witnesses”. The idea is that the heart of the “new” “M’IMPARI?” is represented, through the boards, from a location on the great “uprooting of our time”, meaning dramatic movements of peoples, while making the memory of other violent uprooting belonging to a recent story temporally and geographically very close to us. The boards will host a path made of words, images, musics and ideas.

Partners and sponsors of the project are:

  • Gruppo Aeper
  • Caritas Diocesana di Bergamo
  • Eco di Bergamo