Church of Reconciliation


He is the French artist who made valuable the Church of Reconciliation at La Pèta, designed by the architect and friend Renzo Pedrini.

The church carved in the old stable, is a small jewel of beauty and intimacy. The paintings and stained glass windows of the small church speak to the heart and heat it.

Canticle of the Creatures, reinterpreted in the windows, crowns the framework of the merciful Father, that hides, embracing the child, the immense love of the Creator for all his creatures.

The living rock from which flows the water, wood and gold of the lamps of Catellani and Smith, characterize the small church.

A small, precious book, published by Edizioni Aeper Group, is available at the farmhouse, to enjoy the warmth of gold expressed in the works of Arcabas.

Other works of Arcabas are located at the Church of the Resurrection, again designed by Lorenzo Pedrini, at Pitturello of Torre de ‘Roveri.