Our history

La Pèta is a farmhouse located in Costa Serina, in the province of Bergamo.

For about twenty years, Val Serina (located in the Brembana Valley) has hosted this farm where goats, pigs, horses, donkeys and farmyard animals are raised.
Where the precious goat cheeses, yoghurt, honey and cured meats are produced.
Where you eat, sleep, stop surrounded by the silent beauty of the Bergamo mountains and the care of skilled and attentive hands.

But the Pèta is not just this, in fact in these twenty years many people have been welcomed who for reasons of health, lifestyle, emotional or psychological need, have felt the need to live for a period of time at the farm. It is not a question of tourists, but of men and women who have found at Pèta a context and people capable of making themselves available, of welcoming, of helping.
Those who arrive here will find a benevolent gaze and hands capable of inclusion.