San Pellegrino spa

A dream come true!

A few kilometers from La Pèta, you will discover the new San Pellegrino spa.

“A monument to water” define the architects who oversaw the design. Four thousand meters of covered surface, other 5 thousands meters of outdoor spaces, 15 bathtubs at different temperatures, 5 types of saunas, 3 steam baths, rooms of ice and salt, a massage and relax areas. An experience that moves between similarities and contrasts, between hi-tech systems and pure craft techniques. The result is really all to see: a modern but at the same time capable of binding San Pellegrino to the glories of its past, the thermal excellence. The management has been entrusted to industry leaders, Qc Terme.

Our structure has an agreement with the new San Pellegrino spa and therefore we can offer a discount of 10% on a daily entry or nightly rate.


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